Lavender: Scented Savon De Marseille 150g (0.33lb)

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Each Savon is unique in its own character. The beautiful differences are the bits of character customers love most about these French soaps. 

Imported from France

150g (0.33lb) of Authentic Savon De Marseille  

Traditional Savon De Marseille takes two weeks to make. 10 days on heat followed by being poured in molds to harden. 

Dating back to the 1600's Traditional Savon De Marseille is only produced by a handful of manufactures who follow strict practices centuries old. The soap in made in antique cauldrons where it takes two weeks to make. 10 days on heat followed by being poured in molds to harden. 

The traditional colors are "white" and green but as you see here, I'm offered a pretty lavender soap. Occasionally you'll see Marseille soap scented such as this.  Each soap is different and imperfect. If you love adding character to your home, this is for you! 

Each soap is unique and no two are a like with different character.  The soap is marked by weight so consumers could know up front how much they were paying and creating a standard. The larger the soap the higher the price. Price is also determined by variety. You'll notice some soap has a scent or have flowers in them making them more valuable.

For this particular traditional soap (and you'll see on one of the marking on the side) it must be made with 72% vegetable oils and no animal additives. It also has ask, sea salt and water. You might see soap that has a white powder on it--worry not--it's sea salt that will go away when wet. You'll also notice that true authentic Savon De Marseille soap can appear wet. It's a characteristic that shows that it's fresh. Leave it out to harden to last longer and enjoy.

What are the benefits? Not only is this soap beautiful, but is great for sensitive and/or dry skins. People love this soap for its purity & gentleness.

Made eco-friendly and trusted/used for centuries!