Salvaged Green Tinted Atlas Jar #10

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What It Looks Like:  Salvaged Green Tinted Atlas Jar #10

Dimensions: Height 7'' x 4'' Tall

Why You Need It:

I NEVER find these jars! What a special find for my Honey Brook customers. These are so out of the ordinary and I'm able to score them for the best price with free shipping for you. Hurry! These will sell out. 

 It's been months since I've found the right jars for Honey Brook customers! They are a customer favorite and always sell out when I can get my hands on them for you! Each one is lovingly hand-washed personally so you can get to the most important part when it arrives to you--decorating! Be sure to pick up some of our popular faux greens. Pro tip! To make it look the most real, add a little water to the bottom and your guest will never know.