Capri Blue 8oz Black Signature Jar Candle in the Volcano Scent

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What it Looks Like: 8oz candle

Why You Need It: Hand picked special for you by my mom in I in Atlanta! We were on the hunt to bring you these gorgeous candles and deliver them specially to your front door. The "Volcano" scent is a household favorite--of any candle--hands down. You might already know this super popular scent which makes me so excited to offer them here at Honey Brook. I selected different sizes, shapes, and color vessels.

These Signature Jars are exactly that! It looks so clean and relaxing as you see the warm glow of the candle illuminate the jar. It's my favorite feeling. 

Plus you can reuse the vessel as a vase or tea light candle holder after you burn your new favorite candle!

Scent: Volcano

Brand: Capri Blue