Brushed Gold Vase

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Size: Small

Brushed Gold Vase- it's light weight so it can easily be placed on any shelf without trouble, and gives such a beautiful sophisticated look to any home. This is Missy's pick because of the sizes, price, and quality, but mostly versatility.  

Tips from Missy:

Tulips/Peonies look best in the small or medium. They would work in the large as well if you wanted something taller!

The small would look so cute with tulips inside as well. You'll have to bend the stems or trim them to fit but this size is beautiful for a power room. The small is also perfect with a bundle or two of the mixed greens with berries stem--I linked them below!

The medium is perfect for peonies, and poppies. If you wanted to fit the calla lilies inside, you would have to adjust the stems, but would still look amazing. 

The large size is perfect for the real touch calla lilies with no heigh adjusting because of the size! Perfect for tulips and any other flower stem from Honey Brook.