7.5'' Spruce Cottage Christmas Tree

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What It Looks Like: 

We hand picked this tree to make your cozy cottage dreams come true! I love trees that can look like the real deal without the hassle and throwing away a real tree every year. 

It is not pre-lit--and we chose this on purpose! After year and years of experience, pre lit trees lights don't last the years. When the lights finally fail you have to make the decision to throw it away or pain staking cut each light off of the tree. If you've ever been there you know that they are put on very tight! Choosing a tree you can put your lights on lets you use it for years and year and year. I promise! My mom's #1 tip is taking the time to put your own light on anyway. It lets you chance it up year to year maybe choosing a new color or style of lights AND if you do it the right way (mama's way) your tree will look better than the pre-light trees. 

Long story short, when we hand selected this tree over others, we made sure it came unlit for so many reasons, and even though you have to spend the time putting on your own lights, IT'S SO WORTH IT. And since were friends, friends don't let friends make the wrong choice!

  • You'll need to fluff and shape your tree after unboxing
  • Yes, it includes a stand 
  • Free Shipping
  • Have two types of needles. On the end of the branches are the most realistic needles. As you get closer to the inside they are the more traditional needles that are two toned to look more realistic. These branches really give more volume to the interior of the instead of the tree working your way out. 
  • The middle: The middle of the tree is wrapped in brown piping. I love this because it looks like a real tree branch as opposed to my other Christmas Trees that are wrapped in green
  • We were so excited to find a sweet, adorable cottage tree thats affordable and looks great. 
  • Processing time is 1-2 days. Please allow shipping companies (usps/fedex/ups etc) 1-2 weeks to deliver your package. 

7.5'' Tall and in a standard home with 8ft ceilings, it allows for the perfect space to have a topper on your tree! 

4''10' wide x 7.5'' tall

Aprox: 30lbs overall

  • 1325 branch tips
  • comes in three sections
  • Fire-resistant and non-allergenic

My mom and I love this tree and we hope you will too!