Order Information

Here you will find the latest information regarding preordered products and estimated turn around time: 

Please keep this in mind when ordering holiday decor--the earlier the better. This is why I offer nexts season's decor very early. 

UPDATED AS OF 7.00pm on September 29, 2019

Turn around times range from 2-6 weeks depending on your order and the items you selected. 5-6 weeks would be for any large orders including pre-orders or big wood projects. 

I work 7 days a week as a one woman show so your patience is greatly appreciated so that I can keep the shop open all the time for you to shop. The other option was having restocks but you overwhelmingly wanted the shop open with more inventory and longer shipping times. 

All wood items: 

Any handmade wood items are hand cut, assembled..etc outside. Shipping times are based around Mother Nature. For this reason that's why there's a broad shipping time. Sometimes I get lucky with 5 days of sun and other times there's 5 days of rain--you never know, but this is the reason you shop small! You're getting the best craftsmanship without any cut corners and your handmade items aren't cookie cut. 


Whipped Cream: 

Whipped creams are in the making and drying. Please understand that I am very picky with my faux whipped creams and they have to pass my "inspection" before I will ship them out to you. I cannot rush the whipped cream because I make them, they have to dry, I have to add the "toppings" and make sure they pass inspection. These are not fast to ship because of this. That's why I make them a preorder. 



Benches are handmade to order. A lot of love goes into the entire process and I ask for your patience while they are being hand cut, made, assembled, finished, and packaged perfectly!  They take hours to make so I get them done and finished to my high standards as fast as I can. 

Thank you so much for your Crafty Home By Missy purchase. I work so hard to get your order out as fast as I can while giving the love and attention to each individual order.