Setember 21st Update!

We are rocking and rolling over here! Pulling order, packaging them up etc. More arrivals are expected to be here soon.
Some of the items in our first shipment were

Ghost Candy Jars/ S+P

Witch Candy Jar

Scarecrow Mugs

Fall Mugs

Candy Corn Salt + Pepper

And more.
I’ll keep you posted. You’ll know your order is shipping with an emailed tracking number and delivery updates.

September 20th Update!

Our first shipment is in our hands! It's here! I'm beginning to unload and then process and sort. I'll include more details later today but I want to get right to work for now.

September 17th update: Afternoon

I just got off the phone with the trucking company. They told me the driver didn’t show up for work today. I asked if I could rally my friends/family and pick it up ourselves since it’s sitting 30 miles away.
Unfortunately we have to wait for them to deliver Monday. I was given a guarantee that it would be delivered Monday.
The silver lining? Everything will be okay. USPS is closed on weekends so orders would begin going out Monday anyway even if it were delivered today. Now when our shipment arrives Monday, packages will still begin go out Monday. Packaged pre-orders will go out everyday.



Thanks again for hanging tight. I’m spending hours behind the scenes doing everything in my power making this happen for us. We’re so close. Most things are out of my control but we are almost there. We got this!

September 17th Update!

We are waiting on the arrival of our first shipment today.

September 16th Update!

This morning I spoke to the truck driver delivering our shipment! He said that our shipment is expected to arrive tomorrow. I'll let you know here when it's arrives and I will begin the process of getting your pre-orders out to you immediately.

Second Update today-- I also just got confirmation that our next shipment is going to begin heading to us. I will addionally keep you posted with this information as well.

September 8th Update!

We have our first shipment arriving soon! We just got word that we have a batch of pieces shipping to us at Honey Brook. We will begin processing orders as soon we recieive our shipment.

If you missed our big, new announcement, we just moved into a new warehouse space where we will be able to serve our Honey Brook customers better than ever. We are ready to get these pre-orders out to you asap. Thanks for waiting with us while we navigate this challenging year and choosing to shop with a small woman owned business! 

August 20th Update!

We are still waiting to recive our Johana Parker from Transpac. We are still in the predicted window of time July/August. Transpac is still waiting to recieve containers to their warehouse. As you know the supply chain is so unpredicable making it hard to pin point a date for you until I have a tracking number. I'm 100% transparant with you since that's so imporant to me. All of the updates a share with you are exactly all that I know. Thank you for your continued patience and working with me as a small business. It's so imporant to me to be able to provide these products for you. They will in fact come and be delivered. We are just waiting on when. Pre-orders will be fullfilled and regular ordering will open after pre-orders have gone out. I'll keep you posted here with regular updates as usual and let you know of any changes.

August 12th Update!

The week of the 17th (next week) is the next expected ship date--less than a week away hopfully! Thanks for hanging tight everyone. I'm sharing full transparency on all information I recieve. Stay tuned for details about our pre-orders on the Ghost Cookie Jar's arrving Spring 2022. We will have that ready next month for our customers.

August 4th Update!

I am so excited to let my Honey Brook customers know that early next week products will be shipping to Honey Brook! Once items have arrived here in NJ, I'll be able to provide dates that your pre orders will be shipping! Not too much longer now!

I'm so so excited to make this experiance exciting and special for you. Thank you for choosing Honey Brook! You'll be glad you did!

July 16th Update!

This week I had the pleasure of talking to Transpac in person at the Atlanta Market. I got the most up to date information for my Honey Brook Customers.

At this time we are closing pre orders, but will open back up for regular orders when our shipment arrives!

I was told that all of our Johanna Parker has been produced and is "on the water" which means that it's currently enroute to be docked in CA. If everything goes as it should, they were looking at late July/Early August for reciving their shipment. That means that it would ship out to Honey Brook shortly after.

Here at Honey Brook we are ready to get your pre-orders out to you just as soon as it all arrives. I have lots of special elements planned for your orders since you know I love going the extra miles for my customers.

While we are waiting for our delivery, I ask that you please double check your shipping adress you used when placing your order to make sure there are no errors. If you need to update your shipping adress please be sure you do reach out immediatly to so we can have that taken care of for you!

Thanks for everyone's patience. We are so excited to bring you brand new Johanna Parker pieces! If you want to see some new items I toured in person, head to my instagram @real_honeybrook and click on our saved highlight called "Atlanta Market."

Please also understand that there are incredible delays from staffing shortages at docks around the world. We hope for best case situations, but problems out of our control are possible. I wanted to rehighlight that as mentioned in our original pre-order information.

 Expected arrival: August for Halloween and October/Nov. for Christmas

We offer our customers flat rate shipping on Johanna Parker Pre Orders! Please see details below.


Flat Rate Shipping: 

Orders Under $50 ship for $7

Orders $50-99 ship for $12

Orders over $100 ship for $18 

Your items are specifically ordered just for you! Please no cancelations after your order has been placed.

****If you would like to purchase anything else from the shop besides pre orders, please check out separately with your pre order items so that I can take care of you and shipping out in stock items right away! 


PRE ORDER- Johanna Parker Design Ghost Cookie Jar: COMING SOON

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