Real Touch 13.5'' Tulips Bouquet Bundle: Radiant Yellow

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What it Looks Like: Real Touch flowers aren't your average faux flower! These 13.5'' stems come as a set of 12 in Missy's extra special flower packaging. You'll feel like your receiving a real set of flowers to your door! I hand picked the best of the best out of thousands of options on our business trip. 

Color: This is my favorite part about these flowers! They have a realistic shading on them to look like you just picked them from your garden! The shading gives a beautiful detention to the yellow that you'll love for years!

Why You Need it: We sell out of our flowers & greenery year after year because here at Honey Brook we score the most beautiful looking and most realistic flowers out there. This year we were able to score a deal on bundles. In years past you've seen us sell by the stem but now we are able to get you more for less with these bouquets bundles! 

You will never see me decorate without these. Be sure to find inspiration on our Pinterest & Instagram page! These are a staple must have!